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A tower or craft IPAs and a watercolor ship for my birthday from @heather_rose5 thank you so much! ..do I get to drink them all tonight?
Just takin’ a selfie with the ancestors in the back #nbd
My shirt collection. I try not to repeat the same shirt and tie combo at school
I can’t believe that in almost a month we will have been dating for 9 years. @heather_rose5 I love you.
Valoo the Christmas cat.
This is Deborah, the lady bug that lives in my room at school. She has been with me for over 2 weeks now. I often find her climbing into my lunch box or on my jacket.
I won’t lie, I miss it.
Having a man date today. We played ball, watched tv, and cooked hot dogs on the grill.
Why do elephants always look so sad? Is it because of everything that they remember?